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Trust Fund

We live in a world consumed by money and the never-ending chase for more of it. The enemy even tempted Jesus with the riches of this world. The desire for wealth and the journey to attain it can leave us running a rat race that God never intended for us. Instead, He’s inviting us to let go of earthly treasures that will fade away and into a worry-free, generous life, devoted to His eternal Kingdom. Tune into our series, Trust Fund, as we learn what God says about money and how to trust Him with our finances.

When You Pray

Prayer is a beautiful invitation to enter into conversation with God—the One who loves us and wants the best for us. He knows what you need before you even ask Him, so why did Jesus find it important to teach His disciples how to pray? Join us as we dive into the beauty, power, and purpose of prayer together in our new series, When You Pray.

One of a Kind Messages

Looking for a specific sermon that was not a part of a series we did? Occasionally, we have special messages that don’t flow within our sermon series but we know they are just as important, and God-breathed. You can find these sermons on this page!

Love over Lust

We were made for love. It is one of our most basic and fundamental needs. But through sin, we were introduced to a distorted version of love. A version that manipulates, devalues, and places creation above the Creator—with hopes of being satisfied. Join us as we look to Jesus to learn about the love we were truly created to receive and to give!

Sermon on the Mount

Join us for our Sermon Series "Sermon on the Mount", where we will explore the teachings of the Bible and how they apply to our lives today. Each week, our pastors will deliver a thought-provoking and inspiring message that will help us grow in our faith and understanding of God's word.
The world paints a picture of what it means to be blessed and find favor with God, but Jesus has a very different perspective for citizens of heaven. Join us as we take a deeper look into the Beatitudes and the true character of God’s kingdom.

We Are Victory

As followers of Jesus, we are all invited into God’s beautiful family. His intent has always been for us to do life together within a local church, which is part of His greater Kingdom family. When we come together, we’re able to learn, grow, and be transformed so that we can become more like Christ and share Him with the world around us. So, what is this family really about? Who are we, and why do we do what we do? Join us as we answer these questions and discover why We are Victory!


We live in a world that brings great difficulties our way. When the storms of life come, it’s easy for us to get discouraged and led astray from the truth. Following Jesus doesn’t protect us from experiencing the trials of life, but He has promised to hold us securely in the midst of the wind and the waves of life. He wants to enable you—by His grace—to live life to the fullest no matter the season you find yourself in. Join us as we learn how to stay anchored to Christ!

Family on Purpose

Jesus lived an exemplary mission-centered life that flowed into every relationship he had. We were created to follow His lead and impact the communities God has placed us in—starting with our family relationships. Whether your current family dynamics include parents, siblings, a spouse, children, or friendships, God has called us to show up as an extension of His heart for them. Join us as we learn how to live life with our families on purpose!

True North

Have you ever wondered why you were created and what you were created to do? If you have, you are not alone. We all have the same overarching purpose—to know God and grow in relationship with Him. But it doesn’t stop there! God has a special plan that He handcrafted with each of our unique God-given gifts and passions in mind. So, how do we uncover the path He’s mapped out just for us? Join us as we discover how to identify, develop, and release the gifts He purposely placed inside us for His glory and our ultimate good!

Be Like Jesus

Jesus has been known for many roles… the Son of God, Prince of Peace, healer, miracle worker, teacher, Rabbi, brother, friend, Savior of humanity, even rebel. And those who believe in Him are called to be like Him—to honor His teachings and His sacrifice by living as He did. So, how do we practically live this out today? Do we truly understand the character of Jesus and what it means to BE like Him every day? Join us as we get to know Jesus—and how to live boldly, as a reflection of His life—in our new series, Be Like Jesus.

Summer At The Movies

Everyone has a story… The comical, sentimental and climactic moments of our lives weave together the storyline that was written specifically for us. Even the tragic moments serve their purpose. And to think… God, the great writer and director of this epic life, invites us into intimacy with Him. We get to play a role in the greatest story ever told. This summer at Victory is going to be one to remember… It’s time to take all we’ve learned about being a loving neighbor and friend and go out and invite others on your “road” to our Summer at the Movies series! A movie-themed church series? Yes, you heard that right! Invite your neighbors out for a very special church service each week and, afterwards, enjoy movie snacks, photo booths, outdoor and indoor games and more! See you at the “movies”!