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Wherever you are, no matter what life looks like for you right now, we invite you to take One Step. What is that one thing that you need to trust God with to continue moving forward? If you already know, use the links below to make that step. If you aren’t sure yet, we have a team ready to help you discover what that is for you in the One Step area after every Sunday service.

New believer or rededicating your life to Christ?

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Steps that others are taking!

My One Step was baptism!

“The pure joy it brought my wife and I will never be forgotten as the spark to grow and spread the ‘Living Water’ that we know as Jesus!”

– Matthew

I made a public declaration!

“For many years I tried to carry my burdens alone. Through my baptism I declare the goodness of God and His mercy.”

– Abena

“Getting baptized for me served as a marker for the Adult me to declare Jesus Christ as my lord and savior and continue worshiping and praising his name.”

– Joseph

– Joseph