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Parent & Child Dedication Workshop

The “Parent & Child Dedication” is a special celebration in which parents with children aged 0 to 5 years can publicly vow to raise their children according to God’s Word. Victory provides these services quarterly throughout the year. Parents who wish to participate in the Dedication Service must attend the workshop.

As you prepare for the parent and child dedication, we want to emphasize the significance of aligning your actions with your faith. We believe that the home environment plays a crucial role in a child’s spiritual growth. Therefore, before proceeding with the dedication, we kindly ask you to reflect on whether your lifestyle aligns with Scripture and our Statement of Faith.

If there are areas that need attention, we encourage you to take the necessary steps to address them. As parents, we must strive to live out God’s Word in all that we do, setting a positive example for the young minds under our care. Your child’s spiritual growth is top priority, and parents must be committed to fostering an environment where they can thrive spiritually.

**Note: Parent/Child Dedication services are for active Victory Members only.

When + Where

Workshop: Sun, Aug 4 | 9am
Dedication: Sat, Aug 17 or Sun, Aug 18 (Based on campus)

Workshop: Sun, Nov 3 | 9am
Dedication: Sat, Nov 9 or Sun, Nov 10 (Based on campus)

Workshop Requirements & Registration

We want to remind you that being an active Victory Member is a prerequisite for participation. This means you must have completed our Victory Membership class and received the completion certificate. If you have not done so already, please visit the Membership page to get more information on our membership classes before registering for the workshop. Your membership status is crucial for your involvement in this special occasion.

Parent Resources

It must be acknowledged that raising children is a challenging yet rewarding experience. From time to time, parents require encouragement and motivation to navigate the journey of parenting effectively. As the old adage goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” We understand this concept and are here to support you with valuable resources.