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Victory Men

About Victory Men

Committed to emancipating God’s greatness in the world around us, we are men from all walks of life, dedicated to making disciples, spreading the gospel, and building each other up as we build the church for God’s glory.

2023 Men’s Conference Sessions

Men, you were made to make an impact for God’s glory, and when you show up for yourself, you can show up better equipped for your family, community, workplace, and more. That’s why the Victory Men’s Conference was created!

No matter where you are in life­—married, single, a father, a student, a businessman, retired, or anything else in between—we want to help guide you to lead well in the roles and spaces God calls you. So, tune in to the sessions and learn how to fully live out your gifts and passions in the world around you!

One on One Conversation

Sign up for your One on One conversation with one of our leaders TODAY.

Men’s Breakfast

Guys, breakfast is on us! We’re getting together for Men’s Breakfast, where we hang out over coffee and a light meal as we grow and connect with God and each other… and you don’t want to miss it! 

Dates and times vary by campus.