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Victory Church

What We’re About

First and foremost, we’re about Jesus. Most importantly, we’re about His last instruction to the church, “to go into the world and make disciples.” For us, this is where the rubber meets the road. In fact, it’s so important to us that we’ve devoted an entire series of teachings to what we’ve defined as 10 Qualities of a Disciple. These foundational principles, based on Acts 1:8, simply mean that we’re focused on loving our neighbors both around the corner and around the world. Two of our four foundational pillars are built around community outreach and missions. Every year we send dozens of missions trips overseas and hundreds of our people into our city to minister in prisons and help those in need. As well, we regularly give more than 20% of our budget to organizations locally and abroad.

Our Beliefs

We are a church passionate about our faith and beliefs. We invite you to explore our statement of faith and learn more about what we believe.

Our Vision and Values

Victory Church stands on 4 pillars: Building Families, Transforming Communities, Reconciling Cultures, and Impacting Nations. We do this according to our C.H.E.C.K. Values: Courageous, Humble, Empowering, Connected and Kind.


Learn more about our Senior Pastors, Founding Pastors and the Senior Leadership Team of Victory Church.