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Victory Marriage

We’re Here for You

One of the biggest decisions you can make in this life is marriage. Saying “I do” and living it out is beautiful, romantic, fun and comes with its share of challenges which, if we allow, can draw us closer to God. Victory Marriage exists to offer support, exciting events, workshops, and other valuable resources to help you grow and thrive in your most precious bond!

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Explore What’s Next

Preparing for Marriage

Marriage is an important decision, and preparation for this lifelong covenant commitment is vital to building a solid foundation for you and your future spouse. To assist in giving your union a strong start, Victory offers a six-week Premarried Course and one-on-one premarital guidance for Victory members.

Marriage Enrichment

For many of us, daily responsibilities and life’s challenges can limit or even shut down our creativity when it comes to our marriage. Let’s make our significant other a priority and enjoy each other!

Marriage Help

Is your marriage struggling? Do you feel like giving up? We want you to know that there is hope. Your marriage and family is worth fighting for. We have a team of Marriage Advisors and a list of resources to help restore your marriage.