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The Gospel
As followers of Jesus, the gospel should form the foundation of our worldview. What is the gospel exactly? It’s the good news of Jesus—the epic story that spans from His life, death, burial, and resurrection and points us toward His return. The gospel is central to all of creation! Because Jesus is one with God the Father and shared in our humanity but lived a sinless life, the penalty for our sin was paid when He died on the cross. Our lives are forever transformed when we grasp the fullness of Christ’s story and the power of God to make all things new.”
April 10, 2022
Ways We Drift from the Gospel
by Johnson Bowie
The world is changing all around us. There is a spiritual current at work that is causing a massive drift from the truth. Sometimes it is a swift shift, but oftentimes it takes place subtly. Many are being swept away by deceptive, false gospels. In part four of our series, learn the three ways we can drift from the one true gospel and how to stand firm in the midst of chaos.
April 3, 2022
Our Response to the Gospel
by Curvine Brewington
The gospel, the incredible story of God, is central to everything that exists around us. When we are touched by the gospel, we don’t only receive forgiveness. Through Christ, we receive everything about the God who rules and reigns over all. With that, we have the opportunity to live completely new lives! So, how exactly should we respond to the gospel? Tune into part three of the series!
March 27, 2022
The Depth and Deliverance of the Gospel
by Johnson Bowie
The Gospel, the Good News about our God, is that He reigns over all things forever! Although we were once cut off from the Father, His love for us caused Him to send His Son to die as a sacrificial payment for our sin. Even more, Jesus died and rose again to restore our relationship with God. His death, burial, and resurrection changes everything about our past, present and our future. The depth of God’s great story is that through Christ, we are free to live our lives from the beautiful truth that all has been made new.
March 20, 2022
The Breadth and Beauty of the Gospel
by Johnson Bowie
What is the gospel? It’s the grand story of God, which is central to all of creation. It is the epic truth that the Father actively rules and reigns above all through the Good News of Jesus. Our lives are forever transformed when we follow the way of Christ and fully embrace the power of God! Today, may we choose to get off of the throne and allow the King of kings to take His seat.

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