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Trust Fund
We live in a world consumed by money and the never-ending chase for more of it. The enemy even tempted Jesus with the riches of this world. The desire for wealth and the journey to attain it can leave us running a rat race that God never intended for us. Instead, He’s inviting us to let go of earthly treasures that will fade away and into a worry-free, generous life, devoted to His eternal Kingdom. Tune into our series, Trust Fund, as we learn what God says about money and how to trust Him with our finances.
September 3, 2023
53m 14s
How to Manage Money
by Johnson Bowie
The Bible says without good direction, people lose their way. We’re all in need of some wise counsel. In fact, the more we have, the better our chances to make decisions that positively impact our present and future. That’s why we closed out our Trust Fund series with a panel discussion. Tune in to hear the most asked questions from our church and get practical and biblical advice to better steward your finances!
August 27, 2023
50m 02s
Do Not Worry
by Johnson Bowie
Jesus left us with a command: “…do not worry about your life.” The reality is that we’ve all gotten caught in the quicksand of “what-ifs” and doubt when it comes to finances. But our Savior tells us that when we learn to think about money His way and place our trust in Him, we can close the door on worry! So, in a world full of uncertainty and trouble, how can we genuinely believe and rest in Jesus’ promise to care for us and meet every single one of our needs? Tune in for another life-changing message in our Trust Fund series to learn more.
August 20, 2023
1h 02m
Breaking the Spirit of Mammon
by Dennis Rouse
When Jesus talked about money, He introduced a wildly controversial idea of having an eternal view of wealth and that money has the potential to have lasting, heavenly impact. That’s still strange for many of us today because the world’s view is to build and accumulate money and things that show our success—things that seemingly bring us comfort, security and even power. But God warns us that money and possessions can deceive us into living for the temporal and cause us to lose sight of what it means to live for the eternal. How we use money affects the very core of who we are becoming! Tune into the full message to hear more on God’s heart for us when it comes to money.
August 13, 2023
41m 08s
Good Eyes
by Johnson Bowie
Everything that we have is a gift. From the breath in our lungs to the food on our tables and clothes on our backs, we get to experience the generosity of our loving God each day. As His children, God wants to teach us not only how to fully receive His good gifts but also to be an extension of His generosity through the way we live. When we see and prioritize the needs of others, we begin to see the fullness of the life we were created for! Tune in to learn how to live generously like Jesus, who made the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf.
August 6, 2023
51m 10s
The Good Life
by Johnson Bowie
We all have a picture of what “the good life” looks like to us, an idea of the end goal we want to achieve. And even though each of us has many aspirations, we all have an ultimate treasure. It may be marriage, children, career advancement, or the longing for eternity with the Creator of heaven and earth. Whatever it is, we subconsciously make decisions based on that vision, including how we spend our money. So, what are you working toward? What does “the good life” mean to you? ​​ ​​Tune in as we examine what it is that we truly treasure and learn how to put our money toward what God loves!


Money is a topic that impacts us all. Whether you want to become more money savvy or grow in the knowledge you already possess, we’re here to help! You can register for one of our online or in-person classes, get one-on-one budget coaching and biblical financial guidance, or even download our self-guided resources created to help you get educated, empowered, and become a better steward of your finances!

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