From passionate and engaged Children’s Ministry teams to life-giving environments, our goal is to capture the hearts of children and point them toward Jesus. Ministry to children is one of the highest priorities at Victory. Our vision for VicKids is where Church and home equip kids to become fully committed disciples of Jesus. We know that love, over time, is what matters most.

First Time to Victory

The first time you visit a new church environment can be intimidating. It’s our goal to help make your first visit as smooth as possible. Please plan to arrive 15 – 20 minutes early. This gives our team time to check your children in and show you their appropriate classrooms. We would love the extra time to get to know you and your children.

A place for everyone

Nursery Ministry

Our nursery ministry is a soothing and safe environment for babies 0 to 23 months old. Our Nursery team works to help both you and your babies feel confident and comfortable. Our time with your baby is spent interacting through play, praise and worship and fun. 

Nursery Ministry is offered at all regular service times in our Main Building – East Wing.

Nursing Moms – we provide a cozy room in the Nursery wing and to the left of the Chapel that allows you to stay connected to the service through live video, while comfortably and privately nursing your baby.

Preschool Ministry

A fun and inviting environment for toddlers 2 – Pre-K. Our Preschool Ministry team is dedicated to teaching your child the foundational truths about God using play, stories, crafts, games, worship and more. There’s nothing more precious than little hearts understanding the love of Jesus and learning to express their love in return.

Preschool Ministry is available at all regular service times in our Main Building. 2-3 year olds are located in the west wing hall, with 4-5 year olds in the elementary wing.

K-5th Grade

Children are the church of today – not of the future. Our Elementary Ministry team is devoted to reaching children with the truth of God’s word and challenging them to be active participants in their personal relationship with Jesus. Using a high-tech, high-energy and highly relational (small group) environment our desire is to captivate and inspire the hearts of these young disciples of Jesus. We provide unique and grade-appropriate environments.

VicKids Special Needs

Our Sensory Classroom has been specifically designed to help students with moderate to severe needs grow in their relationship with Christ. We do our best to set an atmosphere that is conducive for students at all levels through the use of specialized lighting, an interactive curriculum, specially trained volunteers and sensory equipment. This classroom setting is currently offered during all of our Sunday services in our Main Building – West Wing.

We also have the Buddy Program. Our vision is for our buddies to develop lifelong, spiritual bonds with families that bridge the gap between home and church through teaching, prayer and fellowship. We offer this to children with mild to moderate needs during all of our weekend services, The City (our middle school ministry) and The Capitol (our high school ministry). We also offer buddies during our Fusion services for children ages 12 and under.


Fusion VicKids

It’s Like Children’s Ministry on the Weekend – During the Week!!

Fusion VicKids meets every Tuesday night during our Fusion Young Adult services in our Main Building beginning at 7:30pm. The Fusion VicKids team provides age appropriate ministry to kids 0 to 5th grade.


Are you interested in serving with the VicKids Children’s Ministry Team?


Every life is precious

As a parent or significant adult in the life of a child, God has given you a unique privilege. Victory At Home is a resource to help prepare you for the spiritual needs of your child at each stage in their life. With milestone workshops and helpful digital resources, you’ll be supported and empowered to lead your child to Christ.​

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The Parent/Child Dedication is a special ceremony where parents with children 0-5 years of age can make a public commitment to raise their children according to the Word of God.

We conduct these services at Victory quarterly during the year. If you have children 0-5 years of age and would like to participate in this workshop and ceremony, please register below for the appropriate campus.

Please note: the milestone workshop is a pre-requisite to the celebration service.

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Leading your Child to Christ
Victory believes that God designed the home and family as the primary place for the discipleship of your children. Whether they are 6 or 16, the most important decision your child will ever make is accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. To be part of that process is one of the most joyful times a parent can experience in life.

The Salvation Workshop is designed to equip parents to lead their children to Jesus. We want to partner with parents to prepare them so that they are ready when their children begin asking spiritually awakening questions. The goal is to get parents to clearly and simply share the truth with each child. We walk them through Bible study, worship, giving, serving, and how to practice and teach prayer.

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Welcome to the great change. Your child is about to enter the journey to adulthood. There have certainly been rocks on the path they have traveled thus far, but the trail is about to get exceedingly more difficult, for you and them. Your child is about to begin climbing the mountain called adolescence. Guiding them through this process is essential to avoid pitfalls that lead to sin. Workshop information will be posted soon.


As parents, we have an amazing responsibility to prepare our sons and daughters to embrace growing up from all perspectives. This time of transition usually starts to occur around fifteen or sixteen. This is a time when most students will get their driver’s permit, license, and keys to a car. They’ll have an unprecedented amount of freedom. Parents must prepare their adolescent to see this new freedom through God’s heart. Workshop information will be posted soon.