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Join us for our Sermon Series "Advent", where we will explore the teachings of the Bible and how they apply to our lives today. Each week, our pastors will deliver a thought-provoking and inspiring message that will help us grow in our faith and understanding of God's word.
November 29, 2020
Prophets & Promises
by Johnson Bowie
Many Christians set aside the four weeks leading up to Christmas to celebrate Advent. It’s a time of remembrance and…
December 6, 2020
Engaging the Silence
by Johnson Bowie
Have you ever been in a season when life wasn’t turning out the way you…
December 13, 2020
Power of Joy
by Dennis Rouse
Joy is not a feeling. It isn’t something that’s based on…
December 20, 2020
Prince of Peace
by Johnson Bowie
On the night when Christ was born, the angels proclaimed: “Glory to God in the highest, and…

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