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You just made the

best decision ever!

Congratulations! You’re now part of a family of faith, and we are celebrating with you.
We’re also here to help you on your journey!


New Believer Small Group

When we make the decision to give Jesus full access to our lives, it’s important that we connect with people who can walk with us as we live out our faith. One of the best ways to do that is by joining a community of other new believers!

-Kayla Benefield

“I’m a new believer, although I believed in God I also believed in the universe and manifestation. While I “manifested” what I thought was my dream life, I still felt empty and lost. It wasn’t until I thought I had lost everything and I was left broken and alone that I cried out to Jesus and He guided my steps towards Him. For it says “The Lord will guide you always” and when you allow Him to He will fill you up with so much peace and purpose like He did me.”

-Rubianny Alvarado

“I am starting out my journey as a New Believer, who was invited to Victory late last Summer by one of my best friends. Joining a small group is one of my long-term commitments for 2024 and beyond. This group has strengthened my faith in an encouraging and supportive environment with like-minded people. I am blessed and grateful for this experience, and look forward to spending this time every Monday learning, building, and worshipping together.”

-Eric P. Jackson 

Victory Devotionals

Being a Christian is bigger than praying and asking God into your heart. We want to come alongside you and encourage you on your new journey. Check out our Victory devotionals to discover the importance of connecting with God and other believers.

Not Sure?

Maybe you made a decision to follow Jesus today, or maybe you’re curious about what life with Him is all about.
Wherever you are on your journey, we invite you to share with us so we can help you discover your next step.

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