Money + Work offers personal financial classes, both online and in person. Whether you want to set and stick to a budget or get rid of debt, the classes will help you take control of your finances! Each offers life-changing training on how to steward the money God has given you so that you spend wisely and save for the future.

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Money + Work Resources

Creating a Vision for Money

God owns everything and, in His love, He entrusts us to be good stewards, to wisely manage the resources He shares with us. But when it comes to our finances, where do we start?

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Transform Your Finances

In this ebook, you’ll find 50 of the best CHEAT CODES to help boost your overall financial literacy. Use the discount code “victory” for free download.

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7 Sessions


Find hope, clarity and encouragement regarding your finances! With a goal of helping you understand and grow in the area of biblical stewardship, Compass is a 7-week group study that will teach you God’s perspective on money management and possessions.

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9 Sessions

Financial Peace University

Discover practical ways to handle your money and experience a total money makeover. In this 9-week group study developed by Dave Ramsey, you’ll be empowered and equipped to make the right money decisions to achieve your financial goals. Learn how to confidently plan and manage your cash flow.

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4 Sessions


Change was created specifically for 9th-12th grade students with the goals of showing them how to manage their finances and to navigate life’s important decisions. Your students will be equipped with biblical principles to be who God created them to be, do more with their money and go out into the world ready to write their own story. Interactive lessons and a variety of hands-on activities will help your students understand what’s truly valuable in the ‘real world.’

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8 Sessions

Legacy Journey

The Legacy Journey is an 8-week group study led by Dave Ramsey. Through videos, you will learn a biblical framework for growing your money, securing your family’s future, and leaving a legacy for generations to come.

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1 Session

Finding Your Purpose

Discover the meaning in your work! Finding Your Purpose is a 1-day interactive discussion for learning the biblical approach to getting a job. This session will help those who are unemployed, misemployed or underemployed find God’s guidance in regard to their work. While this session will not replace the responsibility of searching for a job, it will teach you to discover the purpose in your work.

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