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Get ready to have your life, your finances, and your relationship with the Lord taken to another level, through this 7-week personal financial study. Through these seven weeks, you’ll learn what the God of the universe has to say about money and possessions, how you can practically apply these words to your life, and how you can grow in leaps and bounds on your financial discipleship journey.

Compass features multiple practical application options, including online tracking tools, spending plans, calculators, and app recommendations.

You will delve into the following topics in the 7-week Compass group study.

  • Week 1 – Book Distribution
  • Week 2 – The Foundation
  • Week 3 – Counsel, Debt & Saving
  • Week 4 – Generosity & Investing
  • Week 5 – Work & Honesty
  • Week 6 – Crisis & Eternity
  • Week 7 – Finishing Well

Curriculum Options

Small Groups

A trained facilitator will guide you through the curriculum, meeting once a week for 7 to 9 consecutive weeks either in person or virtually.  This option works well for those who can tailor their schedule to be present and available to complete assignments on a weekly basis. Join us for our next small group!

When + Where

We have groups that meet in homes, at our campuses and online.

Questions? Email us at

Cost + Registration

Singles $55.00 | Couples $90.00

Self-Paced With Mentoring

A trained mentor will establish a relationship with the student and understand the student’s goals for completing the course. Regular checkpoints will be established to ensure all homework and practical applications are complete. With your mentor, you are able to pose challenging questions and clarify any concepts within the lesson. Throughout the course, you will continue to meet with your mentor providing transparency and honesty regarding your absorption of the course materials.

This option works best for those with irregular or unpredictable schedules.  There is flexibility to work at the speed of your choice and to check in with your mentor as you pass curriculum milestones.  To take advantage of this model, the student will register and pay for the course directly on the vendor’s website, fill out the mentor profile form and then return to this page to register for mentoring sessions.

Step 1

Purchase Compass Online

Step 2

Fill Out Mentor Profile

Step 3

Schedule Mentoring


With this option, the student owns their financial journey through the curriculum.  However, we would like to celebrate with you when you successfully complete the course. When you reach this milestone, please complete our testimony form and tell us about your experience.

Step 1

Purchase Compass Online

Step 2

Testimony/Praise Report

New Perspective

“This class has literally shifted my perspective on being a good steward in all areas of my life. Since taking Compass, I have continued to find ways to cut my expenses and pay off more debt. I’ve also noticed that I’m more prayerful in regard to every big financial decision.”

– Lakeayla Wilson