Married Life

Great marriages don’t just happen. Marriage takes an intentional investment to be great. How’s your marriage? Has it been drifting toward isolation or are you intentionally working toward oneness?


Marriage Masterpeace

Marriage Masterpeace is designed to help husbands and wives find the joy God intended and wants for their marriage. Couples will take a nine-week journey to enhance their marriage through Pastor Montell and Kristin Jordan’s co-authored marriage book, DVD, and supplemental workbook. This course features video teaching, chapter review and workbook discussion, all designed to help you better understand your spouse and God’s plan. You and your spouse will learn the tools and principles needed to keep divorce off the table. Your marriage is worth it!


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Blended Life

Did you know that Jesus grew up in a blended family? Are you experiencing unity and joy in your blended family? Blended Life teaches couples biblical strategies to achieve marital oneness while navigating the complexities of parenting within stepfamilies.


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Marriage Strong

Marriage Strong meets monthly on a virtual platform where couples will be encouraged to grow in their relationship together.


Each meeting will consist of a large group “gathering” then transition to breakout sessions where we dive deeper in small groups via Zoom. We recommend couples participate and view the session on the same device, as you’ll connect by walking through key biblical principles together.


We meet the second Tuesday of each month at 8pm EST via Zoom.
No cost is required.
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The 2020 dates are:
November 10 – December 8


Before the LIVE meeting begins, please be sure your microphone is muted.

We hope to see you then!

Marriage Workshop

Every married couple should be equipped with the tools to work through conflict in a healthy way and maintain a deep, intimate connection. With this in mind, Married Life developed the Marriage Workshop, an online video series created to help end the cycle of conflict and pain in your most precious relationship on this earth!

The Marriage Workshop is FREE