Current Series

Who is Holy Spirit? He was here in the beginning—present before the world was ever created. Not merely an invisible force but fully God with us, He is always at work sustaining life and bringing order and beauty in chaos. He is infinite in nature, simultaneously as powerful as a raging storm and as calming as a gentle breeze. Holy Spirit is eternally existent all around us, sent so that God Himself could be near to us. He is not confined to human constructs yet He willingly shows up as our advocate, counselor and friend—ready and waiting to make His home in us and empower us in every moment. Find out more about Holy Spirit’s character in our next series, The 3rd Person.

Recent Message

Jesus told His disciples that it was better for Him to leave so that the Helper could come. We know now that He was talking about Holy Spirit. But exactly who is He? Holy Spirit isn’t someone for us to be afraid of but someone who was sent to walk with us. He is God Himself, and He has come to live inside of those who love Him. Learn more about Holy Spirit’s character in part one of our new series.