Current Series

Family is defined as a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household. But family is so much more than that! Families don’t all fit cookie-cutter molds in their appearance. They vary in dynamics and can be challenging or empowering, full of love or full of pain. Every family tells a story. And God created the family structure with purpose far beyond what our eyes can see. In this new series, we’ll dive into what makes a “family” and God’s desire for it all. This is A Story of Family.

Recent Message

God intended for each of us to have a fruitful story of family. While many of us come from families with a history of dysfunction and brokenness, we don’t have to continue on that path. Contrary to the narrative set by common gender role views within our culture, we can walk in the truth of what God designed from the start. Men and women were created with distinct assignments that complement one another as we journey together. Let’s show those around us the beauty and power that comes when we choose to do marriage God’s way.