Current Series

In His love, God chose to unite with humanity when He gave us the gift of His son, Jesus. Advent, the coming of Christ to earth, was an integral part of God’s plan. Even before the dawn of creation, He knew He would have to put on skin and give His life to save us. Jesus’ birth was the beginning of a promise fulfilled. This Christmas, let us fix our eyes on the true reason for the season, our Savior—who is ever-present, all-powerful, and intentional in His pursuit, which knows no bounds. May we place our hope in the joy set before us, because He is coming again!

Recent Message

We were made for friendship. It’s the way God wired us but, as we become more socially distant than ever before, we find ourselves living in the midst of a loneliness epidemic. God has given us connection as a gift, because He knows we all need to be known, heard, and loved for who we are. So, what exactly does it mean to be a friend? Let’s get into it. It’s time to take off our relational masks, let people into our lives, and get intentional about cultivating the authentic relationships we were always meant to have.