Current Series

The pace at which we live, the pattern of our daily decisions… Many of us often assume more responsibility than we were ever meant to take on. It’s no wonder we’re tired and worn out. If we want to move freely and lightly, in whatever God has called us, we have to learn to flow in the rhythm of His grace. If we’ll let Him, He’ll show us how to find rest for our souls. Let’s partner with Him, doing only our part as God does His. All of creation belongs to Him, so let’s follow His lead.

Recent Message

Many people struggle with time management. Why? Because they don’t know their purpose. If you don’t know where you’re going in life, time won’t really matter to you. When you prioritize your time around God’s purposes for your life, then you learn to invest time in what really matters. So think about it. How do your spend your time every day, and does something need to change in order to live at your fullest potential?