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God has given us the gifts of love, sex and money. He made them for us to enjoy as He intended, as an expression of who He is. But the world often exalts them above God. The way we use what He gives us shows what our hearts value most — what we actually worship. How do we maintain our ultimate desire for God rather than what He made for us? Let’s take a look into the ways God made us to experience what He created as an extension of our joy in Him.

Recent Message

The number one competitor for our hearts is money; either we serve it or we serve God. When we start handling money for the first time, most of us have no idea how to handle it well. And one of the enemy’s strategies is to get us so wrapped up in wanting more that money begins to control us. But God has provided financial principles for us to live by so that money doesn’t lead our decisions. Together we’ll learn how He designed us to think about finances so we avoid economic problems the world often faces and manage money effectively.