Current Series

Influence: Someone or something has influenced every one of us, and we’re all byproducts of our experiences. The more influence we have, the more we are leading others. As followers of Jesus, we are called to influence people toward God, and Christ is our primary role model for learning how to do so. When we adopt His way of living and interacting with people, we become more attractive to those around us. Learn how to grow your leadership potential and have a greater level of influence with the people He brings into your world!

Recent Message

Robert Madu: The Water and the Wilderness

On the pathway to your purpose, God will always lead you from the water to the wilderness. Choosing to follow Christ doesn’t mean you are exempt from Satan’s attacks. God’s approval is not just about blessing; even Jesus experienced trials when He walked the earth. When going through difficult seasons, ask God to shift your perspective. Consider the greatness of the calling on your life and where your Father wants to take you.