Current Series

Forgiveness. What does it look like exactly? Imagine being freed from quicksand, the tight grip of your past loosening its grasp. Unlike an invisible weight restricting you, forgiveness liberates so you can move forward! Its power is in the healing that comes when you allow yourself to let go, when you courageously set aside offense that only stifles the greatness inside of you. So, we invite you to go on a journey to free your heart and step into the abundant life waiting for you to grab hold!

Recent Message

We have a God who wants to set us free so we can live the life Jesus purchased for us to the fullest! We also have an enemy who sets traps of offense to keep us bound. One of the main areas he attempts to cause offense is actually between us and God. We don’t talk about it often in church, but we’re going there. Why? Because God has placed His greatness in us, and it can only be emancipated when we open our hearts to Him.