Current Series

Jesus talked about money more than any other subject in the Bible, because He knew the impact it would have on our lives. The way we think and behave when it comes to finances puts our hearts on display—either we trust the Creator Himself or the money He created. The good news is that we have a Father who wants us to experience what He’s made in a way that pleases us and Him. What would our lives look like if we allowed God to manage the money He gives us, rather than trying to do it on our own? Find out during our next series, In God We Trust.

Recent Message

We are currently living in a time when the majority of Americans have adopted a lifestyle of debt. No one wants to stay in debt, but companies are continually marketing toward our desires—taking our eyes off of God and taking control of our spending habits. We’ve become discontent, addicted to acquiring more stuff. The devil seeks to destroy our financial lives because he knows that if he can get us into debt, he can control every other area of our lives. But God’s people are called to be debt free. How do we get there? Find out in part two of our current series.