Current Series

You were made for something great. Yes, YOU. God is leading us on a new journey as we launch into 2021, and we want to invite you to come along with us! God created you in His own image to reflect His glory in the earth. Before He knit you together in your mother’s womb, He had God-sized plans for your life. We’re rediscovering what it means to freely and boldly live in the unique purpose He placed on us from the very beginning. Something great is calling … will you answer?

Recent Message

The journey God has set us on in this season is marked by two words: emancipating greatness! He wants to refine and free our gifts, talents, passions and dreams—His image placed in us—so we can shine His light! First, we have to reframe our idea of greatness and begin living based upon its true definition. What exactly does it mean to be great? (Hint: It isn’t what the world has made it out to be.) Together, let’s walk in greatness for God’s glory!