Current Series

The Bible tells us that we are not many races but one race created by God. He never intended for us to live divided across cultures or denominations. Unity was His original design. When Jesus came on the scene, He demonstrated who God is—and how we are to live—by the way that He loved. Let’s tear down the walls of racism and dead religion with a choice to walk in humility. Together, we can shift the climate of our nation and the world as we stand for reconciliation and revival! Learn more.

Recent Message

It’s no secret that we are living in racially charged times. As followers of Jesus, we’re called to overcome evil with good. When operating in the higher order of love, we behave differently than people in the world. But only in Christ are we able to fully embrace reconciliation and oneness. Will you surrender your heart to Jesus and the kingdom mindset that we are all one race made up of many cultures?