Current Series

The Calling: We’re all on a journey to fulfill our purpose. Every one of us has the capacity to do something significant with our lives. We’re on this earth to make a difference, not to take up space or just try to be a good Christian. How do we take what God has put on our hearts and actually make it happen, or keep going with fervor when we’ve been walking it out? No matter where you are when it comes to The Calling that God has on your life, this series is for you.

Recent Message

One of the greatest challenges in life is making the shift from doing what you want to do to what God has called you to do. If you’re really serious about understanding your purpose in life, you have to go after Jesus. When you get to know Him, how you live changes. Once you begin to realize who you are in Christ, you begin to focus your thinking more on the possibilities that lie ahead. Discover your purpose and start walking in it today.