Current Series

The body of Christ is going through some radical changes. As societal norms evolve, people in the church are exchanging truth for lies. Many are choosing a lukewarm relationship with God rather than a passionate one. He is calling His followers to a higher commitment toward His purposes in the earth. Let us intentionally seek to develop a new zeal for the church, and begin to flow in the great power that is available to us. May we, God’s chosen people, truly be set apart as a light in this dark world.

Recent Message

We live in a time where we’re simultaneously more connected yet detached than ever before. We were created to belong. But the increase of our digital connection has led to less community. It’s time to stop making excuses — to take off our masks and strive for the biblical relationships  we’re called to have. Want to live in the fullness that God has for you? Begin doing life in intentional community.