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Emancipating Greatness™
Join us for our Sermon Series "Emancipating Greatness™", where we will explore the teachings of the Bible and how they apply to our lives today. Each week, our pastors will deliver a thought-provoking and inspiring message that will help us grow in our faith and understanding of God's word.
December 26, 2021
A Journey Through Emancipating Greatness
by Johnson Bowie
Our campus pastors came together for a very special message as the year comes to a close! You’ve heard us say it from the beginning, but you were made for something great. And God wants to emancipate the greatness He placed inside of you so you can GO out and share it with the world around you. Tune in to hear more as we reflect on 2021 and look ahead to 2022!
January 10, 2021
You Were Made for Something Great
by Johnson Bowie
In the beginning, God created…
January 17, 2021
Redefining Greatness
by Johnson Bowie
The journey God has set us on in this season is marked by two words: emancipating greatness! He wants to…
January 24, 2021
Preparing for Greatness
by Johnson Bowie
God is leading us forward into the emancipation of the greatness He’s placed inside of…
January 31, 2021
A Community of Greatness
by Johnson Bowie
The journey of emancipating greatness was never meant to be a solo one. We were…

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