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30 Years of Victory
Join us for our Sermon Series "30 Years of Victory", where we will explore the teachings of the Bible and how they apply to our lives today. Each week, our pastors will deliver a thought-provoking and inspiring message that will help us grow in our faith and understanding of God's word.
August 2, 2020
A Conversation: 30-Year Legacy of Victory Church
by Summer Bowie
Pastors Johnson and Summer Bowie sat down with Pastors Dennis and Colleen Rouse for a conversation all about how Victory began and what they’ve experienced over the years. From personal stories about holding services in a daycare center to welcoming over 15,000 people from over 140 nations across four campuses, you’ll learn some of most the impactful moments our pastors have had along the way. Tune in as we earnestly anticipate our big celebration to honor the 30-year legacy of our founding senior pastors and the passing of the baton to our upcoming senior pastors!

A Truth for Every Season

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