Disaster Relief

Some of the worst storms in U.S history, hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, Maria, and Nate have devastated parts of Texas, Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, and neighboring areas resulting in the loss of life, homes, and security. Several thousand people have had to be rescued and many have lost most or all they have. In the wake of such disaster, we want to fully support the recovery efforts of the people there who are now in great need. If you would like to also show your support, there are a number of ways you can do so, including the opening of your home to those in need.

Relief Efforts

We’re committed to marshaling available resources as a church to reach out to and assist those affected by hurricane-related weather. Here are some of the efforts to date that have taken place:

+ Immediately after the weather broke we sent Hurricane Harvey relief teams to assist in the setup of job sites.

+ We’ve deployed teams to Beaumont, TX, Kingsland, GA and back to Houston since relief efforts started. Learn more about participating in a trip below.

+ Victory sent a $10,000 gift to Operation Blessing to help mobilize one of their locations in the state of Texas.

+ We’ve paid for and shipped two large containers of water, food, sanitation supplies and water filtrations systems to Puerto Rico.

+ We’ve sent 2000 cases of diapers, socks, and undergarments to hurricane-affected families along with hand-picked gently used furniture.

+ We’ve assisted multiple families with tree removal and restorative work to their property.

Relief Trip Updates

Here’s a recent update on our relief trips to Houston TX.

Give Financially

Your financial gift will support the sending of teams, items and other forms of support to the affected areas. Choose a campus below to give through. If you’re unfamiliar with our campuses, feel free to give as a guest via our Norcross campus.