Stories of Victory

Telling our stories. Inspiring believers to be disciples.

Story Process

Thank you for being a part of our story-telling project. Below, you’ll find the basic process of how stories are being sourced, creatively developed and published in this new initiative.

Essentially, the stories will be generated from the STORY FORM SUBMISSIONs at and/or by a REQUEST or CAMPAIGN from execs, or some other leadership initiatives.

As the story submissions come in, a team of people (consisting primarily of directors, writers and possibly social media managers) will determine the medium that best suits the stories and the scheduling for production.

Once it is determined whether a story will be developed into video, written or image form, creation of the content will be delegated to the Writers, Design and/or Video team per their scheduled deadlines.

Once content is created, it will be handed over to our Social and Web producers to be published in its designated locations such as the Victory website and our social media networks. It will also be handed over to ministries, as needed.

Story Form

Currently, we are collecting stories from ministry leaders within the Victory church family. It’s very important that permission is received from the party you are telling the story about prior to sharing it here. By filling out this form, you’re helping us build a collection of stories that can be told when the time is right. Unfortunately, we can’t tell every story, so all we need at the moment are the basic details. In the event we decide to tell this story, we’ll contact you for further information.