About Us

We’re here to make the biggest impact during this phase of someone’s life their best! In a world where it’s hard to find a place to fit in….here is the place where you belong!

Middle School
Middle School is our weekend gathering for 6th – 8th grade students. We’ve created a place designed with what’s most important to them – time with friends, crazy games and new things every week. It’s a place where Middle School students can be themselves and learn about God in a fun environment that’s on their level and relevant to their lives.

What We’re About

Middle School’s heartbeat is to equip students with everything they need in their relationship with God. Using music, drama, video, dancing and fun, we do all we can to show you the love of Jesus.

Fun Is What We Do

We always have something to do here at Middle School: bowling, skating, laser tag, movie nights and dodge ball tournaments – to name a few!

The Staff at Norcross

Jelani Sanders

Sarah Meier
Administrative Assistant

The Staff at Hamilton Mill

TJ Stanley
Middle School Pastor

The Staff at Midtown

Emily Crawford