You Are Invited!

Easter is a time of celebration, and we have planned to do just that! We’ll have original music, dance and a powerful multi-media experience as we celebrate the beauty of Christ’s love for us. Jesus died a brutal death on a cross, sacrificing His life once and for all so that we could have a relationship with God. And we know the story doesn’t end there! What a beautiful picture of His love for us! Join us for a wonderful time together whether you attend one of our campuses or connect online.

Bring a Friend

We’re hosting Easter for everyone near and far, so tell friends and family to join in the experience! Share on social media, invite people, tell neighbors, Victory is ready to host you and your squad in an amazing experience. This is one of the biggest moments of the year, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you.

How to Participate

Choose a time and date below to register for Easter services!


You can also join us online at all the same times as our Norcross campus.


1PM Service Update

Starting this Easter at the 1PM service ONLY for Norcross and Hamilton Mill campuses, we are going to allow people to remove their masks while at their seats in the Sanctuary.

So, if you would like to sit in service with the comfort of no mask, then 1PM is for you! Of course, you’ll still need to be masked up as you walk around, entering and exiting, etc., but we are excited to start offering this option to many of you who would prefer to enjoy service maskless.

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