Give Your Best Gift

Every year we have the privilege of blessing local and global communities with our giving! This year we have the opportunity to give to Street Grace and Life Impact International, two organizations on a mission to fight child sex trafficking. May the best gift we give this Christmas make a difference and be an extension of God’s love to the broken. We’ll receive a special offering during services on the weekend of December 8-9; however, you may give today using the links below or via our Victory Church app.


Street Grace

Street Grace is on a mission to end the demand for domestic minor sex trafficking in Metro Atlanta and throughout the United States. Through in-person programs, they equip children with knowledge of tactics traffickers and buyers use. Their goal is to make the initiative digital and freely accessible to schools. They also want to increase efforts to bring restoration to victims, train personnel, mobilize street teams, and educate key decision makers and influencers.

Another key is helping predators gain healing. Street Grace created a fully automated system to intercept transactions and redirect all seeking illegal sex to resources for help. They’ve added “Gracie”, a live chatbot designed to pose as a minor and collect data that can be sent to law enforcement. With our giving, “Gracie” can begin to intercept tens of thousands more transactions each year.

Life Impact International

Life Impact is making a difference on the Thailand/Myanmar border, where 60 children a day, born into a cycle of poverty, are trafficked. To break the cycle, they’re meeting families’ needs to relieve the burden that causes parents to sell their children. Education is key, offering children the opportunity to become productive members of society. They’ve also built safe houses so that abandoned children have a place to call home and experience a healthy family.

Life Impact plans to continue expansion on their land, including rescue headquarters, a worship center, a gym, security guards and cameras, and developing a vocational training center and farm to sustain the land and surrounding communities. We can help raise up a generation that breaks the chains of poverty, slavery and prostitution in their nation.