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Account Update

Annual giving statements are going digital!

In past years, your statements have been sent to you via snail mail but we’re doing things differently this time.

Instead of mailing your statement to you, we’ll send you an email at the end of January with a link to download it.

If you already have an account associated with your giving, please update your email address and any other information on your profile. If you do not currently have an account, we encourage you to create one if you would like to receive your statement.

Account Update

Please Note: You’ll be led through the following steps upon clicking the link above (view demo).

Updating account:

  • Enter Login ID and Password
  • Click ‘Sign In’
  • Update information
  • Submit

Creating account:

  • Click ‘Create Account’
  • Complete form
  • Click ‘Register’
  • Share your nationality
  • Let us know if you’re a veteran
  • Submit