What Are Small Groups

Life should be shared. We weren’t meant to walk through this life on our own. When we’re going through something tough – we need community. When we have something great to celebrate – we need community. As we grow in our relationship with Jesus and learn how to be a disciple – we need community. Small Groups are community. Your Small Group can cultivate some of the most important relationships in your life. Don’t live life alone – you need community. Small Groups are located all across the metro-Atlanta area and many different types are available – married groups, singles groups, work place groups, families with kids and all age brackets. There are even interest groups based on shared interests like dealing with illness or healthy lifestyles. We’re sure you can find a Small Group to meet your need.

Become a Leader

Sometimes the next step in becoming a disciple is leading others. Being a Small Group leader is an opportunity for you to grow in your leadership ability and minister to others who are growing in their faith.