Welcome New Believers


Wow, you’ve just made the decision to become a follower of Jesus! You just said “yes” to freedom! You said “yes” to forgiveness! You said “yes” to the love of God! You said “yes” to Heaven and being adopted into God’s family. And you said “yes” to leaving your old ways and entering into new life. Today is the day that you said, “I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and I’m going to follow His plan for my life.” That changes everything! Out of the many decisions you’ve made throughout your life, this is by far the best and the most important. It is so awesome to know that God loves us and He wants to be with us for all eternity!

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. – John 3:16 NIV

You may be asking, “Where do I go from here? What is my next step?” Those are great questions because being a Christian is bigger than a prayer we pray; it’s a life we live! The next step is to move from just believing in Jesus to becoming a disciple of Jesus. You might be asking what a disciple is. A disciple is simply someone who says, “I want to live the life Jesus has for me.” So we want to take you on a short, seven-day journey to answer some of your questions and help you begin to gain traction as a disciple in your relationship with Jesus.

For the next few days we’ll walk you through what this new life as a Christian looks like. The topics we will discuss are essential to your new journey with Jesus, so we’ll deliver each day’s encouragement individually. Also, there will be a specific challenge alongside each day’s topic.

7 Days of Encouragement

Day 1 – Connecting to Jesus, Pastor Johnson Bowie
Day 2 – Talking to God, Pastor Israel Piotter
Day 3 – Listening to God, Pastor Dennis Rouse
Day 4 – Gathering Big, Pastor Johnson Bowie
Day 5 – Gathering Small, Pastor Tad Savoy
Day 6 – Sharing God with Others, Pastor Darius Dunson
Day 7 – Connecting to Victory, Pastor Johnson Bowie

We can’t wait to get started! We hope you are as excited as we are. This journey with Jesus is one like no other. Be prepared for your whole life to be changed for the better!

New Believers Guide

As a new believer, what’s next? Being a Christian is bigger than praying and asking God into your heart. Discover what your next steps should be through seven days of encouragement in New Believers, a guide that will walk you through how to move from just believing in Jesus to becoming His disciple.

Book (pdf)