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While there is no concrete definition for the word selah, various texts interpret the word to mean a moment to stop and listen or pause and reflect.

As we step into each new year, we like to pause, listen, and reflect on the past 12 months of life and ministry. In doing this, we see God’s hand and we are overwhelmed with gratitude for all He has done. Also, our hearts overflow with thankfulness for you, our Victory Church family. Aside from it being God’s will and grace, anything accomplished through Victory was largely due to your commitment to your faith—and your support and generosity.

So, thank you! We couldn’t do this without you…

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Thank you for your generosity! We couldn’t do this without you. As we begin to prepare for 2022 statements, please make sure to update your account.

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A Look At 2021….

The past two years have been a serious time of change and reset—and while 2021 allowed for a bit of respite from the challenges of the year prior, it continued to demand our engagement, intentionality, introspection, and trust in God. As we’ve lived through it and observed, we can truly say God is speaking as we journey through what is clearly a major shift for us as a human race. It is a time that requires us to cling tighter to Jehovah-nissi—God, our protector.

In the midst of it all, your dedication to serving and giving in 2021 made room for Victory to accomplish great things for God’s glory, including:

  • Donating $6,846,594 to missions and local outreach, bringing our total missions giving over the past 32 years to $83.1 million
  • Adding 580 new members across all campuses bringing to our total number to 20,000+ members
  • Reaching an estimated 10,000+ people through online viewing for weekend services and Wednesday Night Prayer services over the course of the year, spanning from across the U.S. to Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom and Nigeria
  • In-person Easter celebrations with 8,000+ people in attendance across our campuses and reaching 16,000+ through our online services
  • Our Christmas Eve services brought the light into the world with 12,000+ in attendance at all of our campuses and through our online services
  • Supporting 44 international missionaries planted within 39 nations—and 34 local missionaries planted domestically, together serving within 78 ministries.
  • Blessed 8 high school students with scholarships with a combined total of $52,500

We are humbled to be able to walk out the mission of God for our church and honored to do life with so many other faithful believers. Despite the trials you face, you keep running your race well! As we continue to reflect, may you celebrate these accomplishments with us and be empowered to continue allowing God to work through you!

Important Milestones

Roar Youth Conference

ROAR was our first middle and high school conference! Our heart for this event was to create an atmosphere of God-filled fun, worship, and life-changing moments. 600 students and 200 leaders were in attendance!

VHM Transition | The Friths

Randy and Cheri Cochran served faithfully as campus pastors at our Hamilton Mill campus since 2019. In that time, God made it clear that the gifts He had given them were most needed to help with global leadership of Victory. With 25 years of ministry experience and having served over the last year as our Executive Pastors of Youth and Young Adults, Chris and Lisa Frith transitioned to Victory Hamilton Mill as Campus Pastors.

Midtown’s New Building

Following several location changes and a lengthy and vigorous search, Midtown has finally put down roots in West Midtown, Atlanta! We’re so blessed to call the historic Blandtown community Midtown’s permanent home, and excited to continue to build a new circle of friends that love God and care for the city and to be a part of what God is doing in the heart of the city so that thousands more can come to know Jesus.


This Momentum was truly impactful… It was the kindle to the flame that many men in attendance needed. We did things a little different this time, meeting in person as well as at host sites around Atlanta and even abroad. It was a moment we won’t soon forget! Our takeaway? NEVER stop dreaming!

Paying It Forward

Our goal is to share Christ’s love with those in the world. One small gesture can do a so much good! In 2021, we were blessed to give away one car at each of our campuses to deserving individuals and families! Also, in an effort to spark a wave of generosity, we began Paying It Forward. Our Victory family did countless kind gestures for others such as paying for someone’s coffee, lunch or anything along those lines while leaving a notecard behind to encourage the recipient to do the same and keep it going.

Featured Projects

Your contributions to the Heart of the House initiative have enabled us to take part in many world-changing projects.

Thanksgiving Outreach: We served 400 shut-in seniors through our Thanksgiving Outreach, in partnership with Mending the Gap!

Wellspring Living Renovations: We redesigned the living quarters of the Wellspring Living, Women’s Residential Program in Duluth for women that have been rescued from trafficking.

Bookbag Outreach: At the start of the school year, we gave away 300 book bags, filled with school supplies, to students who attend school in or around Midtown.

Forward Experience in Cuernavaca: During the Summer, our pastors and leaders of the Forward ministry traveled to Cuernavaca, Mexico and hosted a Forward weekend for local ministers and church leaders!

Blue Cares Outreach: In the Fall, we partnered with local law enforcement via “Blue Cares” to serve local families in need throughout the community.

Modern Day Missionary: In the Fall, we launched our very first Modern Day Missionary workshop, designed to equip those who are called to the mission field.

COVID-19 Relief in Peru: We provided food and supplies for COVID-19 relief to over 75 families in Peru this past year!

2022 Trips: We announced 20 mission trips for the 2022 calendar year!

Christmas Gift to The World

Our annual Christmas Gift to the World offering brought in a phenomenal $800,000! This amazing gift went directly toward our recipients Neighborhood Cooperative Ministries (NCM) and Overland Missions. Through Christmas Gift to the World, Norcross Cooperative Ministries will be able to build out their property, feed and provide job training to more individuals and families! Your giving also went to help David and Fiona of the Overland Missions team to be able to host and equip more missionary teams and residents in Angola, translate the Bible into the native language of the remote community they serve, and reach more people who have never heard the gospel even once!

Overland Missions

Neighborhood Cooperative Ministries (NCM)

My Giving

Thank you again for your generosity and may God bless you. Let’s keep growing as disciples of Jesus Christ in 2022!

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If you have questions or need assistance, email or leave a message at 770.849.9400, ext 137.