Mission Trip Next Steps

Thank you for registering for a missions trip with Victory Church. We are very excited that you have heard the call and are willing to step out in faith. The call that you are answering may be challenging at times, but please remember that with the call of God always comes the Provision of God. Sometimes the provision needed is financial in nature; sometimes it is spiritual, physical or emotional in nature. But one thing is for sure, if He is calling you to participate on a missions trip, then He is more than able to prepare you spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially.

Unfortunately, it is the financial component that often keeps the Body of Christ from participating in short-term missions. This is mostly a mental barrier.

Step by Step Process

  1. Attend insterest meetings
  2. Give your non-refundable $100 deposit which goes towards your trip
  3. Apply for passport (if necessary)
  4. Start fundraising or financing your trip
  5. Complete a release of liability (see button at bottom of page to download the form)
  6. Attend team meetings
  7. Receive appropriate immunizations
  8. Apply for foreign visa (if necessary)
  9. Go on your mission trip
  10. Fill out trip questionnaire

Missions Department Contacts

Ferrell Brown – Missions Pastor
770.849.9400 ext. 118

Kyle Murkve – Missions Aassistant
770.849.9400 ext. 111
Contact Us


A passport is required for any travel outside of the U.S. To obtain a passport for the first time, you must go to one of the many passport acceptance facilities (United States Post Office) with two passport-style photographs of yourself, proof of U.S. citizenship, and a valid form of photo identification such as a driver’s license.
Passport Registration Information


A visa is generally required for all foreign travel. Some areas of the world, such as Latin America and Europe, require U.S. citizens only a simple application to be completed while in-flight on the airplane. While other areas of the world, such as Africa and Asia, require U.S. citizens to apply for a visa prior to travel.

While the visa application fee is included in the cost of your trip, a visa application may need to be completed on your part. Some applications may require two passport-style photos, which are also your responsibility. Team leaders will assist in this process during team meetings, and will walk you through the appropriate process in relation to your destination.

Immunizations and Vaccinations

Receiving the appropriate immunizations before travel is your responsibility. It is recommended that you seek the advice of your medical provider as soon as you determine your destination, as certain vaccines require several treatments for maximum effectiveness. Note: most immunizations are small synthesized versions of a virus, and that in some cases people have experienced negative reactions after receiving treatments.
Immunization & Vaccination Information

Fundraising Process

  1. You should regularly contribute to your own trip, even if you can only do as little at $10/month. The more you can contribute the better, because it shows God that you are willing to sacrifice for this opportunity and that you are willing to take personal ownership.
  2. You will write your fundraising letter based upon your own experience and the specifics of your particular trip using the sample fundraising letter provided at the bottom of the page as a guide. You will want to include the following: your personal reasons for wanting to participate in the trip (being sure to convey your passion); the dates and purpose of the trip; an invitation to partner with you in this mission by supporting you in prayer and supporting you with financial contribution; you will want to remember that you are not asking for more money – you are extending an invitation to partner with you in this mission. There are send-ers and there are goers. You are willing to go and God will call people who are willing to send you. You are all on the same team, just different roles. Once the letter is written, you will want to have your team leader and at least two other people proofread it for you. Your proofreaders will have eyes that you do not have, and will be a valuable resource for insuring that your letter communicates what you intend.
  3. Next you will create a mailing list. Include anyone you can think of for this list – your doctor, dentist, grocer, etc. Anyone who knows who you are should be on this list. Don’t eliminate someone from the list just because you do not think they will help send you. There are always surprises. Often times, the people you expect to help won’t, and the people you write off as those who would never help end up being the ones who do. It is amazing how God works. You will need to also collect current addresses for everyone on your list.
  4. Next you will make as many copies of your fundraising letters as you have people on your list, plus the same number of copies of Pastor Dennis’ letter. You will need to purchase 2 stamps for every letter you send – one for your main envelope and one for the remittance envelope that will be included in your main envelope. [The remittance envelope is what your donors will use to mail in their donation and is self-addressed to Victory Missions. If you include a stamp on this remittance envelope, it makes it easier to donate. All the donor will have to do is write a check, put it in the envelope, and mail it.] You will then prepare your fundraising letters for mailing. Include in each envelope: your personal fundraising letter, the letter from Pastor Dennis and a remittance envelope.
  5. The last thing you will do before mailing the letter is pray. Thank God for providing for what He has call you to do. Pray for God’s favor and blessings upon all of the homes represented by your letters.
  6. Other ways to spread the word about opportunities to help send you on your mission can include, but are not limited to, the following:
    1. You can send out your fundraising letter by email. If you do this, do not do it INSTEAD of sending a personal letter – do it in ADDITION to. It would also be good to send the letter from Pastor Dennis as an attachment. For this method, you will want to direct the potential donors to give online at the Victory website.
    2. Twitter and Facebook might be another avenue to spread the word. Again, potential donors would need to be directed to give online at the Victory website.
  7. Set a plan to call and speak with each person. Many will not commit until you call.

Financial Contributions

If a participant is unable to supply the entire amount needed by due date, any trip money that has not been spent for tickets or ground expenses can be applied to the following trip to the same destination.

Due to IRS regulations all money that comes in for a participant is termed as a donation and therefore does not qualify for any refund.

Team Process

Once the team has been assembled, your team leader will begin facilitation of  monthly team meetings. Attendance of team meetings is required in order to participate on a mission team. While some meetings may include a staff member of the Missions department for training or informational purposes, generally your team leader will facilitate these meetings. The purpose for the team meetings will be to prepare you for your missions trip.

It is important to take these meetings seriously, as this gives the team leader and members the opportunity to bond with each other prior to departure. This will greatly impact the effectiveness and strength of the team in areas of ministry, spiritual relationship and personal relationships, as well as equipping and preparing the team for various ministry’s while on the field. During these meetings you will get to know your fellow team members, learn about the missionary or missions organization you will be working with, get necessary information about the trip, and pray. The frequency of these team meetings usually increases as the departure date gets closer.

Departure and Return Process

Victory will provide transportation to and from the airport for your trip. Your airfare and Entry Visas are included in the cost of your trip.

In-Country Process

To see what your trip cost includes see your individual missions trip information here. You will need to cover the cost of your passport, immunizations, souvenirs or snacks. Most Victory missions trips are in partnership with at lease one in-country missions organizations. Our goal at Victory to provide a safe, memorable, and effective cross-cultural ministry experience for our members, and we strive to choose missionaries who are able to provide these things

Next Steps

Once you are ready to move forward, you would need to submit a $100 non-refundable deposit to secure a place on your team and become an official part of the team. Once you submit your deposit you will receive a fundraising packet.

The following items are included in your packet:

  • A logistical summary of your missions trip including important dates and trip itinerary
  • 25 remittance envelopes (you may receive more upon request)

Located at the bottom of the page are buttons to download the sample fundraising letter and a letter from Pastor Dennis sanctioning your trip.

Here’s how to submit your deposit:

    1. Click here to be taken to the Giving page.
    2. Under Norcross, click on “Missions” and then click on “Trips”.
    3. Type in your login ID and password. If you do not have an account click the “Create New Account” button to create one.
    4. Select the name of the Missions Trip by selecting the drop down box and scrolling for your trip.
    5. In the drop down box next to “Trip Attendee” choose your name or the individual you wish to contribute to. {A Name may appear right away. That is just the first person listed on the trip and it will allow you to chose another individual’s name.)
    6. Enter the contribution amount you would like to contribute and click “Next”.
    7. From here you will be taken to the regular credit card payment process.

If you have any further questions please contact us here.