Planning Your Wedding

Weddings at Victory are beautiful occasions; it is an honor to celebrate this important time of life with you. If you’re interested in using our facilities and/or requesting one of our Pastors to conduct your ceremony you must meet the following requirements:

Couples interested in utilizing Victory World Church and/or requesting to be married by a Victory Pastor must meet the following requirements:

  • Both persons must be active members of Victory World Church.
  • Complete the “PreMarried Life” premarital class.
  • Submit a request for premarital guidance.
  • Submit the Premarital Questionnaire (given after submitting the intake form).
  • Complete 3-6 Premarital Guidance sessions with a VWC Staff Pastor.
  • Receive a recommendation to be married by a VWC Staff Pastor.
  • Schedule a wedding date.

After scheduling your wedding date, you will then have the opportunity to work with a VWC Wedding Coordinator, who will assist you with planning your wedding at VWC.

If you choose to have a Victory Pastor officiate your ceremony, either on or off Victory’s campus, it is recommended that you set your wedding date AFTER meeting the above mentioned requirements. This will ensure a marriage that aligns with the vision here at Victory of Building Families.

If you have met all of the above requirements, please proceed to request further information regarding your wedding planning at Victory World Church here.


Complete a minimum of 3 premarital guidance sessions with your assigned Victory Pastor.
Premarital Guidance

Wedding officiating and use of facilities are determined on a first-come/first-served basis and are coordinated through our Married Life ministry. Please note: both persons must be active members of Victory World Church.