Current Series

Change is inevitable. As the world around us moves and shifts, many of us are curious about what the future holds. When it comes to followers of Jesus, we want to know what’s next for the church, the body of Christ. How do we remain relevant? We have to stay in step with God, whose plans are to prosper us and not to harm us, to give us hope for what’s to come. In order to continue influencing people for God’s kingdom, we must confidently look to the One who never changes—placing our trust in His plans as we move forward into the future.

Recent Message

Currently, there are major cultural shifts taking place that are having effects in America and across the body of Christ. A large majority of millennials are moving toward the idea of socialism rather than capitalism, which would bring our entire economic system under more government control. Many view church as a hypocritical institution that doesn’t care about anyone outside of its walls, especially those who live on the margins of economic poverty. But we have an opportunity to respond to these shifts in a way that allows us to continue to reach the next generation—all while keeping God at the forefront.