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Christ + Culture

In Christ + Culture by ptorres

Our nation is divided and crying out for healing. Now is the time for change, and the body of Christ is called to lead the way. We are to stand united for …

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Answer Me (Johnson Bowie)

In When You Pray by ptorres

We’ve all felt the sting of our prayers seemingly going unanswered. If God says, “No,” or “Wait,”—if it seems like life is breaking—we may feel like God is far away. But the reality is …

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Kiss Me (Johnson Bowie)

In When You Pray by jbaffrey

Prayer is a gift, not some formula to follow like many have made it out to be. It is an opportunity to have a relationship with your Father—where you get close to Him, where your heart is changed, and where chaos is brought to rest … When you pray, the God of the entire universe listens and moves!

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Extraordinary Life (Johnson Bowie)

In Extraordinary by ptorres

Jesus lived the most extraordinary life that has ever been lived on the earth. It was one full of joy, power, love and purpose. He is the example of what every follower of Christ is supposed to look like.

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Selfless (Johnson Bowie)

In Family Strong by ptorres

Back To All Messages View Sermon Notes There is nothing more toxic in relationships than selfishness. It is the underlying root of every broken family. The story of our lives ...
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Thank You (Johnson Bowie)

In Red by ptorres

Back To All Messages View Sermon Notes Jesus paid the ultimate price by dying on a cross for your sin. All that He asks in return is that you love ...
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New Family (Johnson Bowie)

In New by

Back To All Messages View Sermon Notes Of all the names available God chooses Abba, which most closely translates to Daddy. Through Jesus we are offered a new family with a new ...