Mallory Cruz

This week our community lost a great light, Mallory Cruz. Her love, tenacity, passion and fierce devotion to Jesus have impacted many lives at Victory and, truly, around the world. As we gather over the next week to celebrate and honor her life in two cities, many have inquired about possible contributions as an expression of love to the family. In her honor and in lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Mallory Cruz Memorial Fund. Proceeds from the fund will become a part of Mallory’s legacy to her precious daughter Lilian. Other than Jesus and her husband, Kyle, there’s nothing that Mallory loved more than her miracle girl, Lil.

“When we got married, James (husband of Michal Ann Goll) performed our ceremony and something we try to remember every day: “Do something great. Do something that Kyle, you could not do without Mallory, and Mallory, you could not do without Kyle. Come together and do something great for the world that you could never do alone.” What would it look like if we all looked at marriage like this? An opportunity to partner with someone who complements (not compliments!) us and together, we come together to do something that we truly could not do alone. Kyle and I are no masters of this, for sure, but I do know we’re trying…and that we aspire to leave a great legacy, for Lilian, and for those around us.” – Mallory

“Three years into this thing called motherhood, I’ve learned the key to giving to my child is receiving from my father. If I don’t take time to receive from Him, I will never have enough to give. From Him comes my energy, joy, patience, love and strength. We cannot, now or ever, be complete on our own. He and He alone is the author, creator, finisher and perfecter of our faith (Hebrews 12:2).” – Mallory