Trip Meeting Hosted At Hamilton Mill


Redeye is a non-profit organization that is based out of Los Angeles, CA. They have been established in their local community now for 13 years providing mentorship and assistance for all ages. Just recently the locals asked for their help and unanimously voted for their charity to take over the local community center. After months of negotiations, the City of Los Angeles approved. In 2018 they took over the 12,900 sq ft. Watts Empowerment Center and the 3.3 acres sports field and have been working tirelessly to provide facilities, services, and programming that the local children deserve but have never been provided.

We are super excited to partner with the organization, and we will be helping with their after-school tutoring, music, arts, dance, theater, STEM media classes, computer training, and their sports teams. Since they just moved into their new facility, we will also be helping clean, paint, and assist them with whatever they ask of us.

We will be having a lot of fun, but we will be working hard & with the spirit of excellence.

Please note: This mission trip is for ages 15-18 years old.

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8 Days June 13, 2019


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