NG3 Community Transformation Team

NG3 is a student athlete discipleship program that helps High School athletes make wise decisions, accomplish their goals, and come to know Jesus. Victory Hamilton Mill sponsors NG3 at Mill Creek High School.

Huddle Leaders are adults in the community that have a heart for student athletes and want to make an impact on the next generation.

What do Huddle Leaders do?
● Have a consistent presence at practice and games (as your schedule allows)
● Lead a huddle group once a week
● Lead a character program with a team
● Build meaningful relationships with student athletes
● Mentor, disciple, lead, connect, build, and impact

Are there other ways to volunteer? YES!
● Host a huddle group at your home
● Coordinate/serve community service projects
● Host a parents meeting
● Be a guest speaker
● Lead Character Development lessons

If you want to get connected to NG3 fill out the form below or check out their website here.