Mission Trips

Throughout the year we organize short-term missions trips to visit Victory ministry partners around the globe and aid in the work they are doing. Most trips are from 1 – 2 weeks in length and vary in their goals and the types of team members needed.

We encourage everyone who has never participated in a short-term missions trip to plan to take at least one in your lifetime. It’s an incredibly life-changing experience to see the hand of God at work through you in destitute and poverty-ridden countries.

Please note: All missions trips are labeled with the campus location at which the trip meetings will be held. Anyone can attend the missions trips, the location is only to inform you where to attend the meetings leading up to the mission trip.

If you are interested in learning more about the mission trips below, please click the mission trip to learn more about any upcoming interest meetings.

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High School HML Nicaragua Trip (July 8-15, 2018)

Family HML Nicaragua trip (June 9-16, 2018)

Adult HML Nicaragua trip (June 16-24, 2018)

VicKids Volunteers Mexico Trip (June 22-29, 2018)

Cuernavaca Family Trip (July 13-20, 2018)

Nicaragua Married Life Family Trip (July 21-28, 2018)

Adult HML Belize Trip (Aug. 17-24, 2018)

Adult HML Peru Trip (Aug. 24-Sept. 2, 2018)

Norcross Peru Trip (Aug. 29-Sept. 9, 2018)

Men Untied Mexico Trip #1 (Sept 21-29, 2018)

South Korea Missions Trip (Oct 11-22, 2018)

Medical HML Nicaragua Trip (Oct 20-27, 2018)

Men United Mexico Trip #2 (Nov 2-10, 2018)

Liberia Adult Trip (Nov 3-12, 2018)

Women’s Nicaragua Trip (Nov 10-17, 2018)

Sierra Leone Trip (June 8-18, 2019)