We encourage you to continue your spiritual development by taking advantage of these resources.


Relationships require work, and we’ve developed classes to help you work on yours. In Relate, single people learn how to nourish and maintain healthy relationships. If you’re seriously dating or engaged, PreMarried Life will provide wisdom and counsel for marriage. Married Life enriches existing marriages, and Blended Life provides a place for stepfamilies to find wholeness and success.


Victory at Home is a resource to help prepare you for the spiritual needs of your child at each stage in their life. With milestone workshops and helpful digital resources, you’ll be supported and empowered to lead your child to Christ.

Money + Wisdom

Money + Wisdom classes and workshops help you get control of your finances. Basic classes teach money management, budgeting and handling debt. Others focus on specifics such as growing your money and managing a successful business. There are also classes for our younger generations.




To continue striving for the next level in our relationship with Jesus, we gather to grow in Christ and to serve others. Our Membership class gives a clear picture of our core values and vision that drives why we do what we do. To dive deeper, Forward provides you with essential principles that help sustain spiritual and emotional health. And our Emmaus ministry will guide you to understand God’s design for sexuality, the underlying reasons why you struggle with sexual brokenness, and how the grace and truth of Jesus can be applied to your struggles.