Financial Help


We realize right now that there’s an increase in need. We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this season. Our desire is to help all those who find themselves in need of temporary financial assistance. Let’s see what we can do! You’ll notice some fine print below, the more you take note of that the faster we can assist in this trying time.

Request Help

Our prayer for you in this season is found in Proverbs 3:5-6
“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”

Our programs offer help to those who are members or regular attenders of victory and meet most of the following criteria:

*  Regular attendance for a minimum of 3 months
*  Actively serving within a ministry of Victory Church
*  Participation in a Victory small group
*  Supports Victory through tithes and offerings

Our primary focus of assistance will be toward:

*  Permanent housing (rent or mortgage)
*  Utilities
*  Auto related issues
*  Food

We want to serve you quickly and understand that these are difficult times. We ask that you submit all supporting documents and your id. when submitting your application.

Additional guidelines:

*  Please make sure each bill displays your name, address, and account number. The bill should be dated w/in the last 30 days and each bill must display the vendors name, address, and current amount due.

*  Please make sure that the names and addresses on your bills and on your license match the address provided on your application.

*  If any of the bills are in your spouse’s or family members’ names, they will need to apply separately.

*  Do not send social security information.

*  If you pay rent to an individual (landlord), llc , llp or dba, they must complete and return a signed w-9 form before your application can be processed.

*  You may submit these items by email to, by fax to 855-235-3235.

*  Regardless of the urgency of your request, your application will not be processed until all accompanying documentation is received. Incomplete applications are put on hold until appropriate documentation is received.

*  Please note also, that we cannot provide assistance for credit card payments, personal loans, student loans, payments to title max, medical bills, alimony and/or child support payments, tuition or legal fees.

Due to the volume of applications we receive, processing your request could take up to 7-10 business days. In the meantime, we encourage you to download the citywide resource list for more options.


There are many resources within our community and city that are also available. These organizations and ministries specialize in helping meet specific needs.

Download Community Resource Guide
Visit Gwinnett Coalition for Health and Human Services or call Gwinnett Helpline at 770.995.3339.
Visit Norcross Co-Op – 
provides emergency housing and food assistance

Download W9 Form