Let’s see it through!

Pastors Dennis and Colleen have a vision of eliminating 100% of our church debt by 2020 — Victory’s 30th anniversary! Together, we can accomplish the financial freedom to plant more churches and impact nations like never before. With your help, this dream is possible to achieve.

So much has already been accomplished through our ministry over the years because of your generosity. Essentially, you have helped shape who Victory is today. That is something to feel good about! We are grateful to have you take part in achieving the 2020 Vision of eliminating church debt.

We pray that you will seek God about partnering with us in this, and that He will give you clear direction. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please call 770.849.9400 x128 or reach out to us by emailing 300strong@victoryatl.com.

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Because of you, we’ve received nearly $525,000 in giving and pledges to date, with many people considering a special year-end gift to the campaign. We are, indeed, seeing it through!

Watch as Pastor Dennis shares his heart and appreciation toward your role in bringing God’s purposes for Victory to fruition.