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6:8 Ministries has been hosting mission teams since 2007. During this time God has allowed us to host hundreds of mission teams. These mission teams primarily work in Alajuelita, which is the poorest county (per capita) in all of Costa Rica.

Alajuelita is a low income, urban suburb of San Jose, which is the nation's capital and the largest city in Costa Rica. Due to this, Alajuelita has many of the same challenges as low income, urban environments in the United States. According to the last census, the population is roughly 200,000. Unemployment is a staggering 65%, and only 30% will graduate from high school. Drug and alcohol abuse are common and contribute to many social problems. Prostitution is legal in Costa Rica and many of the women in Alajuelita work as prostitutes, which is often the family's only source of income.

In spite of all of these social and spiritual challenges, we love the people and we are committed to shining the light of Jesus Christ into this darkness. We strive to accomplish this through hosting short-term mission teams, and other ongoing ministries such as a thriving church plant, feeding centers, and a child sponsorship program.

For more information, please contact the Missions Department at 770-849-9400 x111 or

Dec 27, 2015 - Jan 3, 2016
March 12-19, 2016


$1,200 per adult

8 Days

Sample Itinerary

Day 1    Travel day / Arrive at the Costa Rica team house for a late dinner and briefing by 6:8 Ministries.

Day 2    Morning - Iglesia Celebracion (church) Service - Church clothing store // Evening - Prayer walk around Alajuelita

Day 3    Morning - Cleanup local drug hangout, Feeding - Homeless feeding center / Afternoon - Barrio/kid/medical ministry

Day 4    Morning - School ministry / Afternoon - Barrio/kid/medical ministry
Day 5    Fun / Excursion Day

Day 6    Morning - Barrio/kid/medical ministry, Feeding - Tiribi (local barrio) feeding / Afternoon - Barrio/kid/medical ministry

Day 7    Morning - Barrio/kid/medical ministry, Feeding - Tejar (local barrio) feeding / Afternoon - Barrio/kid/medical ministry

Day 8    Depart to USA