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Victory Business Directory

Our church wants your business to succeed!

We are excited to to be a part of gDirect's Business Directory! Our goal is to have a robust directory of businesses from our church, loaded with easy to find products and services for your daily life. Using businesses from our church will change lives.

Here's what people are saying about the Victory Business Directory:

  • Phyllis Breech of SATechnology says, I picked up a few directories to share.
  • Jewell Tomlin of Solid Source Realty says, I shared the directory...a great way to share great businesses and Victory World!
  • Owen Kachaje of Precise Cleaning Services says, I'm so excited about the directory! I've received calls from the directory and I knows it is a great resource.
  • Jonathan Delacruz of New York Life says, I plan to use and share the Victory World Business Directory.
  • Buchi Osakwe of Liberty Mutual says, I'm very excited to use the business in the directory and share it!
  • Marsha Davis & Tangela Gray of Talking Stones Jewelry says, the VWC Business Directory has been a wonderful resource to find handyman services and a realtor.

Check out the directory now:



Take a step to enhance your company's marketability in tough economic times. ADVERTISE in the Victory World Church Business Directory.

If you own a business, advertising in our directory offers these benefits and more:

  • Take advantage of an affordable way to promote your products and services to a loyal customer base.
  • Market to consumers who are looking for businesses they can rely on and trust.
  • Build community within our Church.
  • Network with other Christian businesses by attending structured business events.
  • Help keep Christian dollars working in the Christian community.

Business Directory Features:

  • Hassle-free registration…it takes only 5 minutes.
  • Easy-to-create advertisements: Have a professional create your advertisement, or you can build it right on the Ad Builder web site.
  • Costs are 20% to 400% below other sources. No added costs for online directory.
  • Featured businesses are prominently displayed.
  • Participate in business events, networking with Christian businesses & learning practical business approaches and strategies.
  • Gives you a tool to share Christ's message through your business while funding God's work.