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Classes and Training

John Maxwell says, "Leaders are learners" and we agree. As we continue to grow in Christ, it is every Christian's responsiblitiy to continue to grow in their personal walk, in their family dynamics, in leadership and learning. That's why we provide a wide variety of classes and training to help you continue to grow. These classes will guide both new and experienced believers in the fundamental issues in the life of every believer.

Married Life

Whether you’re dating, courting, engaged, married or have kids, Family Ministries offers classes & resources just for you!

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Relating or Dating

Relating or Dating is a seminar designed to help singles navigate through and grow in appreciation of the essential areas of healthy family, social, platonic and romantic relationships.

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Are you ready to join the Victory family?

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Finance Classes

Learn how to start a successful business, discover the most practical way to get out of debt or learn the godly approach to managing your finances!

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Personal Growth

Experience restored emotional wellbeing through God's process of imparting identity and destiny to His people.

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Vgroup Leadership

We believe that God desires to raise up a generation of strong Christian leaders in today's society, which is why we offer these excellent leadership training classes.

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