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Campus Maps

As you arrive on the Victory campus you will be directed by our friendly and helpful Parking Lot Attendants to a parking space. The maps below will provide you with visual details on where our individual buildings are located and what ministry activities you will find happening. In addition to our visual maps, we've provided a brief description of the main areas that you will encounter on a weekend service visit with us.

Campus Lower Upper
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Campus Info


What's V1, V2, V3 & V4?

When you attend Victory, you'll hear these terms often as we reference the locations of classes, buildings and more. Don't get confused, they're simply building names that we use to identify each of our campus buildings.

Although not in numerical order of the physical location of the buildings, they are in order of their completion dates as part of our campus. Hopefully, the descriptions below will help you as you navigate.

V1 - The V1 building is the largest of our campus buildings and houses our main auditorium. It is the large building you see as you approach our campus on Brook Hollow Parkway.

V2 - The V2 building is our youth and young adult building which houses our 212° Youth Ministry services and our Fusion Young Adult services, as well as our church administrative offices and Metro Atlanta Master's Commission. This building is located off of Financial Drive.

V3 - The V3 building is our Elementary School building which houses our VicKids Elementary Children's Ministry program and Victory Vida (Spanish Discipleship), as well as our K4 - 5th Grade Christian School (VWCS). This building is the smaller building visible as you enter the V1 parking lot from Brook Hollow Parkway.

V4 - The V4 building is our adult learning center, which houses the classrooms used for many of our personal growth classes. This building is located off of Financial Drive and is directly behind our V2 building.

Please download a copy of our Campus Maps for a complete visual of our campus.

We want you to feel comfortable as you arrive and park at Victory. Our main parking lot can become full quickly during all of our service times. As a first time guest, we encourage you to arrive at least 20 minutes before service to help ensure that you can find a suitable parking spot and get settled on campus. Our parking lot ministry team members will be available to assist you and are visible at all services. If you arrive and our main parking lot is full, we have overflow parking across the street and at our V2 building with convenient walking paths and shuttle services available to assist you in getting to the main building. You can also view our Campus Map which shows all of our main parking areas.

Main Auditorium

Our V1 Main Auditorium is a two-story 1,400 seat auditorium where all of our main weekend services are held. The V1 building is the largest of our campus buildings and the main one that you will see as you approach the church campus from Brook Hollow Parkway. There are three main entrances into the building – the main entrance is directly behind the large globe, but you can also enter through each "wing" and have easy access to both our children's ministry and main auditorium. You can view our Campus Map to locate the V1 building. For more details on our V1 building you can view the V1 Upper Level Map or the V1 Lower Level Map.

Please note: Our Main Auditorium is designated as an Adult Learning Environment, and as such, is not suitable for small children. Therefore, if you have an infant or small child under age 6, we kindly ask that you take advantage of our excellent Children's Ministry; or, if you prefer, you may sit together in the Family Overflow Room. Thanks!

Seating Overflow Rooms

In the instance that our V1 Auditorium fills to capacity, we have set aside our Multi-Purpose Rooms, which have clear simulcast capabilities that allow you to enjoy every part of the service through big screen projection and state-of-the-art sound. The Multi-Purpose Rooms are located just steps from our main auditorium on the lower level of V1. You can view our V1 Lower Level Map to locate the Multi-Purpose Rooms.

Children's Ministry (Nursery – Kindergarten)

Our VicKid's Children's Ministry (Nursery – Kindergarten) facilities are conveniently located in the upper level of our V1 building. Children's sign-in is located at both the East Wing and West Wing entrances and is easily visible in the main reception areas of each wing. You can view our V1 Upper Level Map to locate the children's facilities in V1. Click here to learn more.

Children's Ministry (1st Grade – 5th Grade)

Our VicKid's Children's Ministry (1st Grade – 5th Grade) facilities are located in our V3 building, which is located just steps from our V1 main entrance. Children's sign-in is located in the main reception area as you enter the building under the covered entrance. You can view our Campus Map to locate the V3 building; the covered entrance is designated through an extension of the building into the parking lot. Click here to learn more.

Middle School & High School Ministry (6th Grade – 12th Grade)

Our 212° Middle School & High School Ministry facilities are located in our V2 building down the hill behind the V3 building. There are three convenient ways that your children can get to the V2 facility: by driving a short distance down Financial Drive, you can quickly drop them off right in front of the building, they can take advantage of the V2 shuttles that run from the main entrance of the V1 building or they can take a quick walk through the well-lit walking path next to our V3 building. You can view our Campus Map to locate our V2 building and the Walking/Shuttle Path. Click here to learn more.