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Nov 23, 2014Latest Message

We Are Family - Why Marriage Is Important

Dennis Rouse

God's intent was for man and woman to come together to reflect His image in the earth. That's why Satan despises marriage and everything it represents. He knows that it's the very fabric that makes a society flourish. If that fabric is torn people begin to move away from God. Learn more about the state of marriage today and why we must fight for God's original design in part one of our current series.



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Treasure Principle

The framework for family was set early on in God’s Word. Since then cultural ideals have consistently shifted courses. But God wants to see the foundation restored and has already provided you with all that you need to set a solid one. Find out more about God’s original design and how to build a healthy family in our We Are Family series.

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Why Marriage Is Important

Nov 23, 2014
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