There’s always a lot going on at Victory. At the core of our ministry is a desire to bring people together, equip them in their spiritual lives and get to know one another at a deeper level. Throughout the year we offer a wide range of classes designed to help you grow as a disciple. Lasting relationships are built through shared experiences. We invite you to sign up for a class; you never know what God has waiting for you.


Membership is an important part of the Victory experience; it’s the starting point for understanding our church values and vision. What better way to start a relationship than to spend a few hours understanding why we do what we do and where we’re headed in the future? Need help finding the location? Click here to be taken to the I’m New page and view the campus map.


Norcross Membership Class: May 20th, 5:15pm, Main Building, Chapel
Hamilton Mill Membership Class: June 11th, 1pm, Chapel
Midtown Membership Class: Registration Coming Soon

Here at Victory, we care about your personal development in all areas of your life. This is why we offer classes that help you to grow spiritually, financially, professionally, and much more! Our goal is to help you build your character, integrity, and relationship with God. Everyone can benefit from these classes – find out for yourself!

Ancient Paths Seminars Available to You:

  • Ancient Paths 1 | Thursday & Friday evenings and all day Saturday
  • Blessing Generations* | Friday evening and all day Saturday
  • Empowering Relationships** | Friday evening and all day Saturday
  • Ancient Paths 2 – Transforming Hearts ***
* Same teaching as Thursday & Friday sessions of Ancient Paths 1
** Same teaching as Saturday sessions of Ancient Paths 1
***Must have previously taken Ancient Paths 1, Empowering Relationships or Blessing Generations

When & Where

Ancient Paths (AP) – Empowering Relationship
Friday and Saturday, January 27-28
Classes Building, Norcross location
 Please Note: Registration opens December 27th.

Need help finding the location? Click here to be taken to the I’m New page and view the campus map.
Childcare will not be offered during the Ancient Paths Seminars

AIM, a class for learning the Biblical approach to finding a job, helps those who are unemployed, misemployed or underemployed build their faith in Christ and seek His guidance in regard to their work. This class will not replace the responsibility of searching for a job, but it will teach you to discover the purpose in your work.

Compass is a ten-week biblical financial study that teaches individuals God’s perspective of managing money and possessions. The goal is to help you grow as a disciple in the area of stewardship.

 Financial Hope Workshop (FHW) is a seven-week budgeting workshop dedicated to the practical part of stewardship. This is a fun and interactive workshop with trained leaders who assist you in developing and implementing your financial goals.

Financial Peace University (FPU), created by Dave Ramsey. This 9-week, life-changing program empowers and teaches you how to make the right money decisions to achieve your financial goals and experience a total money makeover.

How to Grow a Business is an eight-week course designed for entrepreneurs interested in starting a business, or for current business owners who want to grow their business.

Click here to learn more about our finance classes.


No matter who you are or where you are, everyone is called to move forward. Our Forward Basics consists of four sessions that will transform you and challenge you to reach the next level in your life and in your relationship with Jesus. These four sessions contain the essential principles that will help you sustain spiritual and emotional health. They will lay the groundwork foundation for you to hear God’s voice, and empower you to lead the life He created you to love.

Forward Basics Sessions:

  • 01 Hearing God – Develop an ear for God’s truth, discover new ways of hearing from Him, and enhance your dialogue with the One who created you for intimacy with Him.
  • 02 Sabotage Cycle – Ever found yourself repeating the same mistakes or repeating bad habits? Uncover the root causes, and break the cycles and life cycles that are holding you back.
  • 03 Identity – Discovering who you are in Christ is not limited to a single moment, but is experienced through a series of encounters with God. Learn how He sees you and walk in your true identity as a child of God.
  • 04 Appetite for the Eternal – We are made in the image of God; therefore, we crave what is spiritual and eternal. Nothing on earth can satisfy our longings like God.

To stay up-to-date and receive additional resources for your spiritual growth.

Stay up-to-date

Once you have completed Forward Basics, you may then register to participate in our next Forward Weekend.

Forward Weekend


Every Sunday at 9am Doors close at 9:15am


Victory World Church – Norcross Campus – Main Building, Chapel

5905 Brook Hollow Pkwy, Norcross, GA 30071.


Victory Hamilton Mill – Middle School Room

3015 Pucketts Mill Rd, Buford, GA 30519.

Married Life is a unique place where couples can experience worship, life changing testimonies, practical teaching and small groups with a single purpose in mind, to help you experience the individual growth necessary for a healthy marriage.

PreMarried Life, Victory’s 6-week premarital class for seriously dating and engaged couples is moving to a small group format for the summer! Groups will be made up of 2-3 unmarried couples along with a mentor couple, and will meet on various days and times. We provide a workbook for each participant that addresses common marital challenges from a biblical perspective, and includes homework for each session. This class is a prelude to premarital counseling and planning a wedding at Victory.

PLANNING A WEDDING? Couples interested in utilizing Victory World Church and/or requesting to be married by a Victory Pastor must meet the following requirements:

MARRIAGE COUNSELING? Looking for marriage or relationship counseling?

Click here to learn more about Married & PreMarried Life.


Relating or Dating? is a two-day seminar that navigates singles in essential areas of healthy family, social, platonic and romantic relationships. Becoming a better you, before becoming two.

Registration fee covers: Materials, snacks and Saturday meals

Class Fee:
  • $35/person register in advance
  • $50/person walk-in registration; based on space availability only
  • 1 child = $10
  • 2+ children = $20/family
No walk-in childcare registrations available. 

When & Where

Stay tuned for our next available session.

Need help finding the location? Click here to be taken to the I’m New page and view the campus map.