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Water baptism

Baptism is a physical act of conscious obedience that symbolizes the death of our old self and resurrection to our new life in Christ. We're so excited about what God is doing in your life that has led you to consider this important step in your walk of faith. Please read below to find out your next steps in this process:

Preparation: To prepare for the Water Baptism, we have provided a small booklet entitled Water Baptism, which will answer questions like, "What is water baptism?", "Why do we do it?", and other FAQs that may help you better understand the need for Water Baptism in your journey as a Disciple of Jesus.

To read the booklet, you may download it in PDF format here or pick up the printed booklet at the Welcome desk in the main lobby of our V1 building.

Please Note:
Registration for Water Baptism in the Main Sancturary is for adults only (18 years or older).
  • Requests for Baptism of youth (6th-8th grade) may be made through 'The City' Youth Ministry by contacting Marissa Delbrune at
  • Requests for Baptism of youth (9th-12th grade) may be made through 'The Capitol' Youth Ministry by contacting Emily Crawford at

Church Contact:
Harriet Carter

Please tell us about yourself

Please Note:

Registrations for the upcoming weekend must be submitted by 5pm on Wednesday afternoon.

Download the booklet Water Baptism
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